What is PharmcoTech PT55®?
PharmcoTech® PT55 is the first and only, FM-approved PVC Wall Cladding system to conform to FM Approval Standard 4882.
The Hazards
Interior walls and ceilings may exhibit tendencies for self-propagating fire spread when combustible vapors are emitted upon heating in a fire. The quantity of combustibles and the maximum rate of heat released rate can start the self-propagating process.

FM Approved Class 1 fire-rated interior walls and ceiling panels are utilized because of the lowered hazard from self-propagating fire spread and potential fire damage within the facility.

The benefits described herein will help the end user in making a choice between tested and certified products that meet specific performance requirements versus those products that have no such certification or meet only the minimum code requirements in some jurisdictions.

Benefits of FM Approval
FM Approvals maintains accreditations recognized globally by OSHA and IAS in the United States, SCC in Canada, UKAS in the United Kingdom, and is a Notified Body in the EU for ATEX and CPD.
Sprinkler protection may be reduced or eliminated if the occupancy allows.

Our FM Approved Low Smoke Interior Wall System is designed for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage areas, food preparation and storage areas or similar occupancies with no height restrictions. PT55 is the first ever, FM-approved material made in the United States to conform to FM Approval Standard 4882. FM approvals certification assures customers a product of service has been objectively tested and conforms to the highest national and international standards.