Sterilis Cleanrooms

Sterilis Cleanrooms

To provide high quality cleanroom solutions guided by relentless focus, we will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence in every corner of the company and meet or exceed our commitments to the many constituencies we serve. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be moulded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every associate.
To build shareholder value by delivering and installing quality green replacement fibreglass reinforced panel products, wall laminate services, and Pharmco Tech panel solutions in innovative and cost effective ways.

We have vast experience with cleanroom existing walls for PGM facilities. Professional cleanroom wall cladders (or laminators) for Pharmco Tech for companies within Canada.

Our Mission

Sterilis Cleanrooms Mission

By setting the highest standards in service, reliability, safety, and cost containment in our industry we are able to provide durable, ultra hygienic rooms. Companies that hold themselves to the highest standards can know that these rooms keep liquids, solids and dust both in and out of desired areas. Also these rooms are easy to clean when required.

Cleanroom Portfolio

Cleanroom Portfolio

Cleanroom Products

Cleanroom Products

Our interior wall systems consist of a white finish panel, three-way bend connectors, outside/inside bend connectors, 90-degree three-way bend connectors. These connectors are vacuum formed. Our direct, hard-to-the-wall installation procedure is advantage in minimizing the possibility of bacteria and mold growth behind the panels.
FM Approved Low Smoke Wall System

Pharmco Tech PT55

Our FM Approved Low Smoke Interior Wall System is designed for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage areas, food preparation and storage areas or similar occupancies with no height restrictions. PT55 is the first ever, FM-approved material made in the United States to conform to FM Approval Standard 4882. FM approvals certification assures customers a product of service has been objectively tested and conforms to the highest national and international standards. The Low Smoke Interior Wall System is FDA- and USDA-compliant. Additionally the material offers excellent chemical resistance and high impact resistance; is impermeable; and can be treated with Spor-Klenx and other industria; disinfectants and cleaners. Our Low Smoke Interior Wall System is installed hard to the wall using a 3M adhesive. This minimizes the possibility of bacteria growth.
Fire-rated Thermoplastic Sheet

Pharmco Tech PT53

Pharmco Tech PT53 is a fire-rates thermoplastic sheet intended for use in a variety of facilities such as operating rooms, laboratories, veterinary clinics, clean rooms, showers, and food preparation and storage areas, etc. PT53 is available in a wide variety of standard and custom colours, grains, and textures, and can be processed on all thermoforming equipment. This product offers high impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance, stiffness and hardness with excellent formability and exceptional chemical resistance. This system is also a complete 2″ radius cover wall system. All the seams are heat welded to give you an air and water-tight, monolithic finish. This product is E-84 Approved Class 1/A fire rated and is compliant with FDA, USDA and USP 797 requirements.
The Green Alternative

Pharmco Tech PT50

Pharmco Tech PT50 offers builders a greener alternative for constructing clean rooms. The material contains more that 50 percent pre-consumer recycled content, is PVC- and BPA-free, and is 100 percent recyclable. PT50 contains no hallogenated flame retardants – all of this with no loss in performance.

PT59 is engineered to pass the E-84 Steiner Tunnel test*. Applications include, but not limited to healthcare facilities, operating rooms, laboratories, schools, veterinary clinics, clean rooms, kitchens, restaurants, showers, bathrooms, etc.

Note: PT50 can also be used for clean-grid ceiling systems at .040″ gauge; the product is directly laminated to modular systems for added durability and cleanability. PT50 is heat welded for a monolithic finish: this alleviates the need for trim and reduces the potential for growth of bacteria and mold at the seams.

*Tested at gauge of .060″

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